Prevention Of Kidney Failure

There are basically two kinds of kidney failure. “Acute” kidney failure develops over days to weeks. It might be reversible if the underlying cause like infection, obstruction in the urinary tract are treated promptly. On the other hand “Chronic” kidney failure develops over months or years. The most important causes of chronic kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. “Chronic” kidney failure is without symptoms till it is very advanced. If it is to be detected in early stages then periodic blood and urine tests need to be performed. Especially people with diabetes and high blood pressure need to get the tests done at least once a year otherwise it might be too late before kidney failure is detected.

Is kidney failure preventable?

To some extent it is. You need to follow the right kind of diet, exercise, and regular check-ups.Regular check-ups are important especially for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Can I prevent progression of CKD?

Although CKD is irreversible, there are ways to slow down the progress at the early stages. CKD usually occurs over time and can be tackled in the early stages enabling patients to prolong their life without complications.

What can I do to prevent the progression?

The most important step is to recognise early stages of kidney failure through regular check ups even if you don’t have symptoms. Once early kidney damage is recognised proper control of the underlying cause (blood sugar levels in diabetes, blood pressure levels in hypertensives, etc) along with a kidney friendly diet and regular follow up with your nephrologist helps in managing the condition.

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