Our Kidney Specialist

Dr.Prashant C Dheerendra, the founder of Dharma Kidney Care is one of the most qualified kidney specialist in Bangalore and India.

Having seen the various difficulties faced by kidney failure patients from close quarters he founded Dharma Kidney Care as a kidney specialist hospital in Bangalore to provide high-quality kidney care at an affordable cost in a very patient-centric environment.

 Specifically, he has a keen interest in helping patients with chronic kidney disease manage their condition scientifically through proper medications, diet and lifestyle.

He is a member of the professional bodies like Indian Medical Council, Indian Society of Nephrology & International Society of Nephrology.

Dr. Prashant C Dheerendra has been an academic topper throughout his career and is a well known nephrologist in Bangalore, India. His academic record includes:

  1. MBBS from Mysore Medical College after ranking Sth for the state for Karnataka in the CET entrance examination
  2. MD(Medicine) and DM(NephroIogy) training from the prestigious Postgraduate Institute(PGI), Chandigarh
  1. Training in interventional nephrology from the Catholic Medical Center, Seoul having been selected for the highly competitive Fellowship of the International Society of Nephrology.
  2. Consultant nephrologist and transplant physician at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore for three years before setting up Dharma Kidney Care.

Some of his core insights with respect to chronic kidney disease which drive his clinical practice are:

  1. Proper treatment of CKD begins with patient education and awareness: Patients who are aware of their condition make the correct choices for long term well being.
  2. Preventive aspects are more important than cure: Unfortunately chronic kidney disease cannot be cured and hence needs lifelong management.
  3. On the other hand many complications of CKD like anemia, bone weakness, fluid retention, infections, etc can be prevented if given proper attention right from the outset.
  4. Proper preparation for dialysis is crucial: Battles with advanced stages of CKD are either won or lost in the few months leading to the first dialysis. A patient who is well prepared physically and mentally for his first dialysis will do well compared to one who is unprepared.
  5. The quality of dialysis cannot be compromised: Once a patient is on dialysis, her long term health depends to a large extent on the quality of dialysis. Small compromises at each dialysis can have big impact over time. All efforts should be made to undergo the best quality dialysis that a patient has access to.

He has given numerous talks at conferences and professional body meetings and has the following publications in national and international journals to his credit:

  1. Midodrine Versus Albumin in the Prevention of Paracentesis-Induced Circulatory Dysfunction in Cirrhotics: A Randomized Pilot Study. Virendra Singh , Prashant C Dheerendra , Baljinder Singh , Chander K Nain , Divya Chawla , Navneet Sharma , Ashish Bhalla & Sushil K Mahi. The American Journal of Gastroenterology 103, 1399-1405 {1 June 2008)
  2. Efficacy of oral doxercalciferol in the management of secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease stage 4 : Vinay Sakhuja, Prashant Dheerendra, Vivekanand Jha, Manish Rathi, Harbir Singh Kohli. NDT Plus {2011) 4 {suppl 2): doi: IO.1O93/ndtpIus/4.s2.49
  3. Maintenance therapy with tacrolimus in lupus nephritis. Ramachandran R, Dheerendra PC, Kumar V, Sakhuja V, Jha V, Kohli HS, Rathi M. Lupus. 2O12 Oct;21(11).
  4. Nasobiliary drainage in acute cholestatic hepatitis with pruritus. Singh V, Bhalla A, Sharma N, Dheerendra PC, Agarwal R, Mahi SK. Dig Liver Dis. 2009 Jun;41{6):442-5. Epub 2008 Jul 25
  5. Efficacy and safety of oral doxercalciferol in the management of secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease stage 4. Dheerendra P C, Sakhuja V, Kohli H S, Jha Vlndian J Nephrol 2O13;23:271-5
  6. eGFR : What the internist should know. Co-authored with Prof.V.Sakhuja and published in “Medicine Update 2012” during the annual Association of Physicians of India conference held at Kolkata in January ’12
  7. Patient Assessment and Initiation of Dialysis : Co-authored with Dr.Manish Rathi and accepted for publication in the curriculum for post-doctoral certificate in dialysis medicine conducted by Indira Gandhi National Open University {IGNOU), India
  8. Young investigator award at the annual conference of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology in 2005 for the presentation “Noradrenaline versus albumin in paracentesis – induced circulatory dysfunction in cirrhosis”

He was provided travel grant to attend the World Congress of Nephrology at Capetown in 2015 and also invited to talk at the Dialysis Access Symposium at Seoul in 2015.

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