High Flux Dialysis in Bangalore

Dialysis in Bangalore : Introducing high flux dialysis and its benefits

Type of Dialysis

While dialysis in Bangalore has been performed for almost 35 years now, it is in the last 10 years that the number of patients and also dialysis centers has increased exponentially. There are two type of of dialysis hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In Hemodialysis an artificial kidney (hemodialyzer) is used to remove wastes and excess fluid from your blood while in peritoneal dialysis blood is cleaned inside the body with the help of a specially formulated sterile fluid.

High Flux Dialysis (HFD)

High flux dialysis refers to a form of hemodialysis that was developed in recent years to improve the efficiency of dialysis. It has succeeded in both improving the quality of dialysis and hence quality of life in dialysis patients.

The essential element of high flux dialysis is the use of dialyzers (artificial kidneys) that have larger pores for the removal both of uremic toxins and of fluid. Blood- Urea-Nitrogen (BUN) is measured and followed as a reflection of all the toxins that the kidney normally removes. With HFD, BUN clearly is removed more efficiently. Besides, evidence shows that larger molecules (which contribute to patient ill health), are also get removed with HFD. Such molecules are too big to be removed by conventional dialysis.

For instance, a molecule called beta 2 microglobulin, which can have a role in causing arthritis in dialysis patients, is removed only by HFD. In fact there are already reports of patients with less joint pain when switched from conventional to HFD. Thus, the removal of larger molecules may prove to be a crucial benefit of HFD.

Other Advantages:

High flux dialysis results in better hemoglobin levels and better control of phosphorus levels in the blood of dialysis patients. Loss of appetite and itching which are big problems in dialysis patients is also less common in patients on HFD.

Why we have not seen high flux dialysis in Bangalore/India so far

During each dialysis session about 100 litres of purified water is used. The water is purified using a Reverse Osmosis plant. Historically dialysis providers in India have been obsessed with lowering the costs and hence quality of treatment is a secondary consideration. We at Dharma Kidney Care believe that quality comes above all else, though cost is also an important consideration. Hence, we have installed the state of the art Fresenius Aqua B Plus reverse osmosis plant fully imported from Germany so that quality is not compromised at any stage. On the other hand we have kept the cost of High Flux Dialysis lower compared to even conventional dialysis in corporate hospitals. This is in order to provide the benefit of latest technology to as many patients as possible. Our practice is in keeping with the recommendations of the European Renal Best Practice guidelines which suggest high flux dialysis for almost everybody who needs dialysis.

About Dharma Kidney Care

Dharma Kidney Care is one of the best centers for dialysis in Bangalore  for kidney failure treatment. Dharma Kidney Care, is exclusively designed for kidney care. We are a team of ethical, sophisticated, professional medical experts working with great determination and responsibilities for better diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders. Sooner the kidney disease is detected, the faster and better the chance of slowing or stopping its progression. But if detected late and patient needs dialysis, Dharma Kidney Care has the latest equipment and highly qualified professionals to provide world class dialysis therapy at reasonable cost.

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