Online Hemodiafiltration

What is “Online Hemodiafiltration” ?

Online hemodiafiltration(“HDF”) is the most advanced form of dialysis which “purifies” the blood more thoroughly than conventional dialysis. This results in better outcomes for people with kidney failure.

Why should I consider HDF?

HDF has numerous benefits when compared to conventional dialysis. Some of them are :

  1. People on HDF generally live longer and healthier lives
  2. HDF protects against heart attacks
  3. HDF is performed with one of the purest form of water on the planet called “Ultrapure water”
  4. HDF removes more wastes from the blood than usual dialysis
  5. Blood pressure fluctuations (very high and very low) are less during HDF
  6. Fewer erythropoietin injections are needed to maintain hemoglobin levels in people on HDF
  7. Cramps are less frequent during HDF
  8. Itching because of kidney failure is minimal
  9. Appetite is better and patients on HDF eat well
  10. Sleep is better
  11. Patients on HDF are less prone to infections
  12. Illnesses needing hospital admission are less frequent
  13. The feeling of fatigue after dialysis is minimised
  14. Less BP medicines are required
  15. Long term complications of dialysis like joint diseases are avoided

Why do very few centers offer hemodiafiltration in Bangalore/India?

The infrastructure requirements are stringent for HDF. Also it requires regular and expensive testing of the water and equipment used for dialysis to look for bacterial contamination. Hence other than a few high end corporate hospitals very few centers have been able to offer HDF to the patients.

Is HDF more expensive?

Because of the costlier inputs (dedicated machines, high quality RO plant, frequent quality testing,high flux filter, bibag cartridges etc) HDF costs more than dialysis. But when a long term view is taken, considering the better health and lesser complications there might actually be some cost savings.

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