Permcath(or Permacath): Placement, Cost, Complications

permcath inserted through the chest into jugular vein

“What is the use of permcath, doctor?” While working with patients starting on dialysis, this is a question I often encounter. Permcath is used as a medium to gain access to blood vessels (vascular access) for dialysis over a long time period, generally over months . This access is obtained through a major blood vessel …

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Can dialysis be temporary?

Short term dialysis vs long term dialysis

“Doctor,Can dialysis be temporary?” When patients first start dialysis, this is a common question they ask me. Dialysis can be temporary or permanent depending upon cause and circumstance of the patient. Since causes of dialysis can be different, the duration also varies. Some of the factors on which the duration of dialysis depends on are: …

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Types of Dialysis Catheters

temporary catheter placed in the jugular vein in the neck

‘Doctor, what are my options when it comes to types of dialysis catheters?’ This is a common question that I have to answer, when patients start dialysis. There are various types of dialysis catheters available in the dialysis center near you. Based on the unique needs of the patient, the correct one must be chosen.  …

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Peritoneal Dialysis vs Hemodialysis: Differences in cost, infections, side-effects, life expectancy

peritoneal dialysis vs hemodialysis steps

“Doctor, please tell me about peritoneal dialysis vs hemodialysis. Which one is better for me?”, is a question that patients about to start dialysis at our dialysis center often ask me.   There are two major types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Knowing the differences between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis can come in handy in …

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Is dialysis painful? — a comprehensive answer

“Is dialysis painful, doctor?” — this is the one question that most patients and their families are apprehensive about before initiating on dialysis. The usual assumption is that dialysis is a very painful procedure. In this post, I will try to answer this question of pain and dialysis as comprehensively as possible. But before that …

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