High Flux Dialysis in Bangalore

About the author Dr.Prashant C Dheerendra is the founder and Medical Director of Dharma Kidney Care. He qualified in kidney care (“Nephrology”) from the prestigious Postgraduate Institute, Chandigarh and is also one of the few fellows of the International Society of Nephrology from india. Dialysis in Bangalore : Introducing high flux dialysis and its benefits …

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Diabetic Kidney Disease – 7 Tips To Take Care in 2017

Diabetics are at very high risk for chronic kidney disease. Diabetic kidney disease is the cause of kidney failure in one third of people on dialysis. 30-40 % of diabetics will develop some form of kidney disease over time.The kidney education section of this website has some information on chronic kidney disease and this page …

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Kidney Education

The kidney is extremely important for removing waste products and excess fluid from your body. This excess fluid and waste products are removed from your body in the form of urine. The kidneys are responsible for handling the production of urine. The kidneys follow a complex process of excretion and reabsorption for the production of …

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