Vaccination in adults : Protect yourself from severe infections

Vaccination in adults is almost always neglected in India. This needs to change

Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine) to stimulate an individual’s immune system to develop immunity to a disease causing germ. While the importance of vaccination in children is well understood, vaccination in adults is almost always neglected. This results in a serious consequences because the adults can then develop serious but preventable infections. In the United States vaccine preventable diseases in adults claim more lives than traffic accidents! Unfortunately no statistics are available in India but experience says that we are paying a ig price for neglecting vaccine preventable diseases in adults.

Some reasons why adults need vaccinations are :

  1. Some vaccines given in childhood may become less effective as time passes and hence “booster” doses of some vaccines may be needed.
  2. “Healthy”  adults above a certain age are susceptible to specific infections which can be vaccine preventable. For example, the risk of pneumonia increases significantly above the age of 65 years and hence vaccination is advised for all adults above 65 years for bacteria causing pneumonia.
  3. “Flu” viruses causing influenza change their structure every year and hence flu shots are advised for all healthy adults at the start of the flu season in October.
  4. Some diseases decrease the overall immunity and increase susceptibility to infections. So, adults with diabetes,chronic heart/liver/kidney/lung ailments are advised vaccination.

Recommended injections for vaccination in adults are the following : 

  1. Flu vaccine
  2. Pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine
  3. Hepatitis B vaccine (to prevent an important cause of jaundice and liver failure)
  4. Other vaccines that you need are determined by considering the factors such as lifestyle, health condition, age, job and vaccines you have had in the past.

Take one step forward to save yourself and your loved ones

Keeping up to date with your vaccination is a great way to stay healthy especially for those who are suffering from chronic diseases.

Vaccines will help you to maintain your health

Vaccinations will help you to protect against many infections such as influenza, hepatitis B, pneumococcal disease. Skipping vaccination make yourself vulnerable to illness.

Vaccination in adults can mean the difference between a  healthy life  and serious illness

Hepatitis B and  pneumonia are serious illnesses with an extremely high cost of managing them and significant morbidity and mortality.

Keep your loved ones safe

Vaccinations can help prevent spread of infections within the family and community if all are vaccinated

Vaccines are safe

Studies show that vaccines are among the safest products in all of medicine. There were many proven studies pointing the safety of vaccines.

Vaccines are as important to overall health as exercise and diet

Vaccines play a vital role in keeping you healthy. These are one of the most convenient and safest preventive care measures available in medical field.

Make Sure You Have the Best Protection

Following are the steps to keep you healthy

  • Know about the vaccines recommended for adults based on their age and other factors
  • Talk with a health care professional about which vaccines are right for you
  • Get vaccinated
  • Keep updates with your vaccinations
  • Motivate your friends and loved ones to get vaccinated

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