Dharma Kidney Care is a specialized multi disciplinary and the best nephrologist hospital in bangalore, India with high ethical standards and latest medical equipment.

Welcome to Dharma Kidney Care

Dharma Kidney Care was founded as a best nephrologist hospital in bangalore in 2015 with the sole aim of improving outcomes in people with chronic kidney disease (“CKD”) and kidney failure  in the community. Under the dynamic leadership of our founder and chief Nephrologist Dr. Prashant C Dheerendra, we have been able to make significant difference to the lives of patients from Bangalore and all over India. In fact, patients from more than 200 districts of India have used our services in two years!

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Explore Our Services

We at Dharma Kidney Care aspire to be an institution which provides focused, state-of-the-art health care to patients with kidney ailments. Our team of specialized doctors with provide services like Dialysis & Consultation for Prevention of Kidney FailureOur objective is to provide our patients with clinical expertise, high ethical standards and latest medical equipment.

Our aim is to provide timely, compassionate care in a hassle free environment. We treat each of our patients with respect and endeavor to provide personalized care. Our patients also love us and they consistently rate us at least 4.5 out of 5 stars on online platforms. Dharma Kidney Care endeavors to provide the highly specialized care needed for kidney ailments under one roof in a cosy and hassle free environment.

As a dedicated nephrology hospital focused on chronic kidney disease care we offer the following services. All patients are seen by our renowned chief nephrologist Dr.Prashant C Dheerendra and a personalized “kidney care plan” is given :

  • Dialysis with “Ultrapure water” : For patients already on dialysis or looking to start their dialysis, we offer dialysis services which matches global standards but is still affordable. All dialysis sessions use “ultrapure water” which is one of the purest forms of water on the planet. Dharma Kidney Care is one of the few centers in the country which is equipped to produce water of such high purity in-house.
  • Preparation for dialysis : We prepare the patients optimally for dialysis so that they can begin dialysis fully prepared physically and psychologically. Preparing well for dialysis makes a lot of difference to long term outcomes and we take a lot of lot of time to engage the patient/family in important decisions about dialysis.
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  • Preventing the progression of CKD : For people in the earlier stages of CKD, we offer optimal medical management so that the progression is delayed and dialysis avoided as far as possible.
  • Early detection of CKD : For people with risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney disease we offer very affordable and easy-to-do screening services which can detect CKD in very early stages.
  • Consultation services : Our chief nephrologist Dr. Prashant C Dheerendra is sought after for providing second opinions and detailed counselling of patients with all types of nephrological disorders.
  • AV fistula surgery for dialysis : For patients requiring AV fistula creation to facilitate dialysis, our well equipped dedicated OT will ensure a hassle free and cost-effective surgery.